Why Coinbase’s $100B+ Valuation Makes Sense and Monash Pabrai’s “100 Bagger Investments”

Coinbase’s $100B+ Valuation

Today’s Coinbase private valuation is floating between $50 billion and $100 billion in the private secondary markets on Nasdaq. This analysis will establish a 2021 baseline for the most regulated of crypto exchanges, Coinbase, including a detailed financial model building a $100B+ valuation case. Then, the author will consider the valuations and multiples of capital markets protocols in Decentralized Finance of Ethereum, now making up over $60B in token value.

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Author: The Fintech Blueprint. Read: 18 min.  


Mohnish Pabrai’s Q&A with Students of Peking University

Famed investor, Monash Pabrai, does a wonderful job breaking down how to identify “100 bagger investments.” By focusing on what he calls “spawners”. Companies that continue to spawn related and unrelated businesses.

Author: Monash Pabrai. View Time: 1hr 30min

10 Breakthrough Technologies 2021

MIT Technology Review announced its 10 Breakthrough Technologies list for 2021, featuring 10 advances predicted to have a big impact on our lives. You’ll find a brief description along with a link to a feature article that probes each technology in detail. We hope you’ll enjoy and explore—taken together, we believe this list represents a glimpse into our collective future. 

Author: MIT Technology Review Read: 8 min.


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