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The path to solving enterprise technical/business problems is complicated, messy, and hard. 

The volume of options has exploded - from buying versus building, to stitching together... all while the pace of product innovation is accelerating.   It is time-consuming, difficult, and, at times annoying, to stay on top of the most relevant options and innovations for the enterprise.

This is why we created Kazzcade. Kazzcade is a powerfully simple way to identify relevant solution paths and be rewarded for your time.

Simply, describe your areas of interest and, when appropriate, we follow up with relevant innovations. Then you can proceed as you wish. All the while getting rewarded for your time.

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"Kazzcade has been a great resource for me and my team for several years. The vendor partners on their platform include the top brands that are well-respected in the I.T. marketplace.”

Mark L., Director Of Technology & Partnerships

"I’m impressed with the fast and thorough response I receive from their team – not to mention the fact that they pay for my insight when I participate in the tech trends surveys."

Jessica M., I.T. Business Partner, Senior Program Manager

"There is no other resource like Kazzcade out there. I get notified when an innovative I.T. solution comes out that supports the business model of our company and works with our existing platforms.”

Jason P., Senior Vice President Software Development


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