The Feynman Learning Technique

Great advice from a leading physicist. We live in a world where continuous learning is a requirement, not a luxury. This is a surprisingly simple method, designed by Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman.

  • Pretend to teach a concept you want to learn about to a student in the sixth grade.
  • Identify gaps in your explanation. Go back to the source material to better understand it.
  • Organize and simplify.
  • Transmit (optional). 
Read Here Author: Farnam Street. Read: 23 minutes 

Amazon Could Pay $1 billion per year to Snag Exclusive NFL Games

Amazon wants to own rights to NFL Thursday Night Games exclusively, starting with the 22/23 season. Amazon has held “streaming rights” since 2017 for a reported rights fee of $75 million per season, which were shared with other NFL television broadcast partners. If Amazon and the NFL make this deal, Thursday night games would not be available on traditional television with the exception of the local markets of the two teams playing. A similar arrangement is in place for “Monday Night Football” which airs on cable’s ESPN. 

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Author: CNBC Alex Sherman / 3 Min. Video

10 Things You Didn’t Realize Were Invented in the 1990s

The 90’s produced more than Millennials. Many breakthrough inventions were launched that have had a major impact on future generations…here are 10 of them! 
Author: Entrepreneur  Read: 5 min.

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