The Cooperation Economy

The Cooperation Economy is an optimistic vision for the future. It’s community at Great Online Game scale, with real financial upside. More liquid co-ops for the internet. Just because we can do more on our own doesn’t mean that we should. Let’s take a journey to explore the Cooperation Economy.

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Author: Not Boring by Packy McCormick   Read: 25 min.


Inflation is Coming

The US just hit a 13-year high inflation rate. This was unexpected by policymakers and economists. To an individual of average intelligence, it was entirely intuitive given the massive money printing (stimulus) that happened since COVID. Economists/central banks argue that the inflation we’re seeing could be temporary, that it’s just a supply shortage. However, nearly every asset has been impacted by these stimulus initiatives including real estate, stocks, startup investing, etc.

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Author: The Held Report    Read: 10 min. 

The Racecar Growth Framework

Dan Hockenmaier (Basis One, Reforge Partner, ex Thumbtack) and Lenny Rachitsky (Ex Airbnb) explain their Racecar Growth Framework including how to grow your product, avoid common pitfalls, and put their system into practice.

This is as in-depth and thoughtful an explanation of what it takes to grow a business as you’ll find.

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Author: Reforge  Read: 18 min


Sunday Bonus. Leadership Lab: The Craft of Writing Effectively

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