The global economy has been experiencing significant shifts over the last decade, leading to a number of changes in the way businesses operate. As a result, enterprise organizations across industries are always looking to innovate and improve their company’s IT operations.

Pinpointing technology priorities is vital for helping your organization transform itself into a future-forward enterprise. In addition to improving efficiency, technology also enables new ways of working, customer experience, and collaboration.

Kazzcade recently surveyed our community of technology professionals and collected responses from 250 people. One of the questions we asked participants was what areas they see needing the most priority in the second half of 2022. Check out the top five technology priorities and market trends to refine your IT strategy for a strong end-of-year finish.

Cyber Network Security

Protecting networks from unauthorized access, damage, or misuse is crucial for safeguarding sensitive data and enabling successful business outcomes, especially in the United States. Never has security been more critical as more devices connect to the Internet of Things (IoT), increasing the number of cyber-attacks and security breaches of enterprise organizations by 27.4%. Tech professionals are showing keen interest in cyber network security solutions to identify security risks and prevent cyber attacks.

Cloud Computing

Cloud technology has changed the business landscape as many enterprise organizations have shifted toward hybrid work. Most organizations now have a multi-cloud strategy. For example. Kazzcade’s 2022 Cloud Migration study indicated that 27% of survey responders use multiple private cloud providers, 26% use a hybrid method, and 19% use multiple public cloud providers. Cloud computing offers numerous benefits like flexibility, speed, security. and scalability. By implementing the best cloud solutions, companies can cut costs, improve efficiency, reduce risk, and boost revenue growth by up to 53%.

Cloud Storage

Secure and accessible cloud storage is crucial for operations. There are a number of considerations to keep in mind when searching for enterprise cloud storage solutions. For example, 33% of survey responders from our 2022 Cloud Migration study reported that security was their main reason for using cloud storage, with the ability to migrate following at 21%. Other reasons for implementing cloud storage include integration with other software programs, data backup and recovery, cost advantages, and collaboration features.

Enterprise Data Analytics

High-performing organizations seek data-driven responses, but how to get those answers isn’t always a clear or direct path. Tap into mountains of data and unlock powerful insights with data analytics solutions. Enterprise data analytics is a priority for growth and digital transformation for 94% of companies worldwide. Harness the power of data for your business by improving efficiency, making faster decisions, and enhancing financial performance.

Enterprise Network

Considered the backbone of modern business operations, an enterprise network facilitates communications and connects computers and devices throughout the organization. Enterprise networking solutions allow organizations to optimize their wireless and wired networks, thereby improving efficiency, saving time and money, and enhancing user experience.

Find Answers for Your Tech Priorities

No matter what your organization’s technology priorities are, it’s imperative to select the right solution. Whether cyber network security is a top concern or your business needs to scale its enterprise network, researching and buying technology can often delay progress. Kazzcade is a technology discovery platform that makes it easier and more rewarding to find and partner with leading brands. Sign up now to begin exploring innovative tech solutions!