Kazzcade has been building and nurturing a community of enterprise technology buyers for 7+ years. This history of engagement and collaboration with technology buyers gives us a front-row seat to understanding what the marketplace demand is and where it is. Today I want to provide two keen insights to assist sales or marketing professionals in how they can improve their B2B demand generation, lead generation, or appointment setting efforts.

#1. You need a NEW channel of outreach.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM), LinkedIn, email, and SMS are wildly oversaturated as a form of outreach and have been automated to death. Consequently, these avenues continue to see a decline in their effectiveness. Yes, every now and then a campaign or messaging really lands and we see some engagement. But this is not sustainable and almost impossible to replicate. The reality is, that it is more difficult than ever to gain the attention of technology professionals.

Kazzcade, offers a new and proprietary, channel of outreach. Kazzcade is a community of technology professionals, who earn rewards for researching and/or purchasing from any of the vendors on our platform, as it relates to a project, initiative, or problem they are looking to address. In addition, community members are provided with a dedicated Technology Ambassador who searches on their behalf for vendors or solutions, which might be worth researching further to address their technical issue, challenge, or project. Thereby saving them time.

By building and nurturing a community, Kazzcade solves two core problems with engagement:
a) obtaining the attention of technology professionals and;
b) gathering first-party data on end-market demand.

This is evidenced by the volume of digital and live conversations our ambassadors have with new and existing members around their challenges, strengthening the robust inventory of demand we can identify. Last quarter alone, our technology ambassadors had 1,931 live conversations with new and existing members around enterprise problems and/or challenges they are looking to address. More importantly, our community of professionals purchased $2,239,000.00 of technology products and services from vendors on our platform over the last 60 days. This loyal community of enterprise technology buyers continues to grow daily.

Kazzcade Community Growth

It is almost impossible to replicate that level of engagement and dialogue from a cold start. So, if your product or service targets professionals whose job description is IT or technology, and you are not on our vendor platform, you are missing out on a proprietary channel of engagement.

#2. You need quality First-Party Data.

The second problem in driving more leads or b2b appointments for sales teams is gathering the right type and volume of first-party data. Specifically, having insights into where demand for certain technology solutions resides in the marketplace, and top-of-mind concerns by buyers, to properly position your product. Gathering this type of first-party data is unbelievably more difficult in today’s world with the changes major tech companies are making to their “cookie” policies.

Due to Kazzcade’s relationship and engagement with enterprise buyers, there are 2 main forms of first-party data we collect, which assist our vendors in positioning their products for success.

A) The relevant granularity of project-specific data Kazzcade technology buyers provide for each scheduled engagement with the vendors on our platform. Here is a sample of the depth of information provided to our vendors prior to connecting with a member of our community. This level of insight equips our vendors with the proper insights to effectively engage our members and solve their problems. Kazzcade Opportunity Profile.

B) Real-time market insights. Kazzcade is able to gather real-time market insights on both inventory of demand, as well as top technology concerns our community members are managing. For example, currently 13.8% of our members have cloud migration projects slated to be completed in 2022. Insight into this inventory of demand enables the vendors on our platform to tailor marketing and outreach campaigns for optimal effectiveness.

Enterprise IT Projects for 2022

Top Security Concerns in 2022

In addition, our recently completed survey of 600 tech professionals generated a stat, which should be top of mind of every sales and marketing professional. 55% of respondents noted the exfiltration of sensitive data as a major concern being constantly monitored. B2B lead generation, demand generation, and sales teams need to be empathetic with this concern when engaging enterprise companies around a project. Acknowledging this issue, regardless of whether your product or service deals with it directly, improves your ability to engage with an enterprise buyer.