The Two Way Mirror of Art and Technology

For 100 years the length of a song hovered around 3-4 minutes due to technical limitations. Technology informed art. This is true with all forms of art. For example- artists get paid on someone listening to a stream for 30+ seconds, so the point in the song when the chorus kicks in has dropped to 13 seconds. Great article on how the advances in technology are dictating how art is made. 
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Why One Building in Delaware is “Home” to 285k+ Businesses?

Take a look at any given corporation’s registration docs, and there’s a good shot you’ll see the address 1209 North Orange Street. Spanning less than a city block in Wilmington, Delaware, this nondescript office building is the official incorporation address of 285k+ companies from all over the world. Nearly 1.5m businesses from all over the world are incorporated there, including 68% of all Fortune 500 firms. 

How did Delaware become an unlikely mecca for corporate America? And why are so many businesses parked there?

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Who Disrupts the Disrupters?

China Creates its Own Digital Currency

If you owned a newspaper in 2000, you couldn’t have predicted that Facebook, Google, and Twitter would crush you. Ditto for cable and Netflix, music and Napster, retail and Amazon, and on and on. Now those companies – the disrupters of the past 25 years – are the large, powerful incumbents. They seem unstoppable. But time marches forward. New disrupters enter the fray. Things that look like a toy become the next big thing. So what could disrupt the internet giants? Web3.  

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Sunday Bonus: Time Flies in Google Earth’s Biggest Update in Years

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