The Tiger That Was A Wolf: Lessons From Julian Robertson

“If I had had to give my own money to any of them, I would have given it to Robertson. He knew stocks better than anyone.” Jim Chanos

Hedge fund legend Julian Robertson passed away this past August. One of his key strengths was his ability to attract talented analysts and bring out the best in them. In combination with his exceptional network, he created a research engine to constantly source and test ideas for the portfolio. His greatest legacy are the Tiger Cubs, the diaspora of former analysts who were mentored and put in business by him and who carry on his philosophy.

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China’s Moon Missions Shadow NASA Artmeis’s Pace

This past weekend, NASA scrubbed the Artemis I uncrewed mission to the moon and back. Reportedly, the space agency will try again to launch the inaugural moon mission featuring the gargantuan Space Launch System (SLS) at the end of this month or sometime in October. Meanwhile, half a world away, China is progressing on its own step-by-step program to put both robotic and, eventually, crewed spacecraft on the lunar surface and keep pace with NASA-led achievements. 

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 The Services iPhone

Apple introduced some impressive product updates; the real news, though, were the prices, which suggested that Apple is fully embracing being a services company.

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 Sunday Bonus: All Electric Semi Truck Models in One Graphic

Electric semi trucks are coming, and they could help to decarbonize the shipping and logistics industry. However, range remains a major limitation. Read More


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