The Movie Business is Dead

Famed movie mogul, Barry Diller, opines the current state of the movie business. Some keen insights on how the industry has changed and where it is going.  

“The system is not necessarily to please anybody,” Diller said, suggesting Prime Video’s primary purpose is to get more customers to sign up for Amazon Prime. “It is to buy more Amazon stuff. That’s not a terrible thing. It just doesn’t interest me.”

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Author: NPR.  Read: 9 min 
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How to Scale Exceptional Customer Service

Celebrated restaurateur Danny Meyer discusses the intersection between hospitality and humanity, and why we’re all invested in the hospitality business. He is understanding and insights on how to scale exceptional customer service and building the team to do so, is very interesting. Danny founded Grammercy Tavern, Shake Shack, and several other world-famous NYC restaurants.

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Author: The Knowledge Project.  Listen: 2hr 07 min. 

The Big Business of Nobility Titles

For $10, you can claim a royal title for yourself or your friends. But most of the time, they’re not what they seem. The business of nobility titles — some more legit than others — is proliferating, with dozens of sites hawking titles, and deals everywhere you turn.
The Hustle set out to learn more about the business. And in our attempted journey from peasant to noble, they uncovered a bizarre world of colorful characters and hard-to-spot scams.

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Author: Juliet Bennett Rylah, The Hustle.   Read: 15 min 

Sunday Bonus: NFT Gaming in the Philippines

This is the story of one small community in the rural Philippines that turned to the NFT game, Axie Infinity, to earn an income in cryptocurrency during the COVID-19 pandemic. It shows how the “play-to-earn” gaming phenomenon is creating new opportunities for thousands of players around the world, especially in emerging economies where job opportunities are lacking and government relief has been limited.

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