The ‘MeWork Generation’ and the 2 Metrics That Define Them

To be a truly great investor or operator or CEO, you need to be a bit of a sociopath: you have to be able to sleep at night even as you lose other people’s hard-earned money or lay people off. Meet the executives who burn millions daily and enrich themselves while creating no real value.

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Author: Scott Galloway    Read: 8 min.


A Virtuous Cycle of Worker Power and Technology

To many, businesses replacing human workers with robots in order to avoid paying higher wages will sound like a very negative thing. But in fact, there’s a theory that this is how economies grow — that high wages spur technological progress that pushes up productivity, which then justifies even higher wages, creating a virtuous cycle. In fact, some people think this is how developed nations got rich in the first place.

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Author: Noah Smith   Read: 10 min.

The Brilliance of Yield Farming, Liquidity Providing and Valuing Crypto Projects

Mark Cuban provides a well-written, short explanation of the benefits of yield farming, liquidity providing, and Defi. As well, he simply explains with links to what he has invested in & what exchanges he is using.

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Author: Mark Cuban, Blogmaverick  Read: 15 min


Sunday Bonus: Why Wood is Insanely Expensive Right Now?

An illustrated explainer of the factors driving up the market.

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Author: Zachary Crockett   Read: 5 min

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