Inflation: Too Much Money Supply or Supply Chain Constraints

In her monthly newsletter, Lyn Alden provides great insights into the market. Loaded with great charts. 

  • Ongoing supply chain problems. 
  • Monetary inflation, compared between countries.  
  • Tech stock performance vs oil price historical rotations.

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Author: Lyn Alden. Read: 18 min  


Jason Calacanis: Start-Ups, Angel Investing and Entrepreneurship

In this podcast, Lex Fridman interviews one of the most successful Angel Investors, Jason Calacanis. Great insights on the early days of what are now some of the most successful companies. Jason: “I hear you only have 5 weeks of cash left before Tesla goes bankrupt”. Elon Mush: “No that’s wrong. We have 2 weeks”.

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Podcast: Lex Fridman. Listen: 2 hr 16 min

The Mythology of Red Bull

Red Bull has created an identity and mythology uniquely its own. As time passes, consumers may come to consider Red Bull a beverage brand, second, and a cultural institution, first. As Geof Rayner, a Professor at Brunel University, summarized: “Red Bull is an interesting case because they don’t make anything at all. It’s an Austrian marketing company… that’s it!… It is just a brand. Without any manufacturing plants or anything!”

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Author: Mario Gabriele, The Generalist.  Read: 12 min 

Sunday Extra: This Can’t be Good for the Holiday Season

Last year, it cost about $3,500 to ship a 40-foot container from Shanghai to Los Angeles. Now it cost $11,400. Incredible. Via Liz Ann Sonders 

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