The Last Computer Tycoon and The Age of Access: Capitalism Meets Culture
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The Last Computer Tycoon or How Michael Dell Turned His Declining PC Business Into A $40 Billion Windfall

After years battling Silicon Calley skeptics and Wall Street adversaries, Michael Dell has pulled off the deal of the century.  Borrowing and flipping his way to a $50 billion fortune.  His biggest ambitions lie ahead- and they have nothing to do with Space. 

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Author: Forbes.  Read:  11 min 

The Age of Access: Capitalism Meets Culture

The world has already shifted from a 20th-Century production-based capitalistic economy to a 21st-Century network economy. Marketplaces for physical goods have become marketplaces for ideas and information. The next iteration is an access economy—a marketplace for access to people and their time.

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Author: Rex Woodbury.  Read: 21 min. 

Story Time: The Progressive Decentralization of Narrative

The way that companies tell stories and build narratives is changing — from top-down storytelling to bottom-up narrative-building. Because they’re such empty vessels for narrative, NFT projects like CryptoPunks and Degenerate Ape Academy make a useful study. this article will cover: From Storytelling to Narrative Building, Narrative in Venture Capital and Startups and Lessons from Crypto.

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Author: Packy McCormick.  Read: 20 min. 

Sunday Bonus: The Time Pepsi Got Sued for a $33m Fighter Jet

In 1996, Pepsi ran a promotion that jokingly suggested entrants could win a military aircraft. One man took it very seriously.

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Author: Zachary Crockett.  Read: 7 min. 

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