You’ve heard again and again that “sales is a numbers game” — but there’s so much more to modern-day B2B lead generation. Today’s buyers are busier and more discerning than ever. Messages are constantly flowing into their inboxes and voicemails, which is why traditional prospecting no longer yields the results it once did.

All B2B sales start with a conversation, yet setting up appointments with leads is becoming increasingly harder. Fortunately, there’s a better approach. B2B appointment setting and lead generation companies, like Kazzcade, make it easier for sales reps to have live conversations with more qualified prospects.

See how our B2B lead generation services work so you too can unlock greater sales potential, with less effort.

Lead Generation Challenges

The typical lead generation process involves finding, contacting, nurturing, and converting prospects into potential customers. However, there are numerous obstacles that make it challenging even for the most seasoned professional, such as:

  • Targeting the right leads
  • Collecting quality data
  • Allocating time and resources
  • Managing and tracking leads
  • Increasing competition

Instead of spinning your wheels on antiquated strategies, partner with a B2B appointment setting and lead generation company to develop a powerful lead generation process that produces real results.

Our B2B Lead Generation Services

Rejection, whether it’s a flat out “no” or not hearing anything back, wears on sales teams and causes burnout. That’s why lead generation services are often the missing ingredient to support your sales reps by connecting them with interested and qualified prospects. Here’s how our B2B lead generation services do that with the following deliverables.

Define Target Audience

Add firmographics, provide us with a list of accounts or contacts to target, or give us a DNC list to avoid. We can also fill in missing data, like phone numbers and LinkedIn URLs, for more complete information.

Architect Conversation Flow

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will dig deep into your product or service to understand the problems it solves and the main benefits/features to design a thorough conversation flow.

Virtual Product Room

Showcase your product or service on our platform with your own Virtual Product Room. Not only is it more impressive and engaging than a PDF flyer, but you’ll also gain access to demand from a community and potential buyers.

Distribution Engine

Configure your ‘rules engine’ to effectively distribute conversations among your salesforce or partner eco-systems. Broadcast to all reps at once or route leads to reps based on attributes (e.g. geography, availability).

Appointment Setting

Receive calendar invites with virtual meetings links and a one-page write-up that includes invaluable insights, such as probing questions to ask, confirmed role of prospect in decision-making process, details on how decisions are made, and more.

Coordination and Facilitation

Think of our schedulers as an extension of your team. They ensure each appointment occurs and handle rescheduling for a seamless appointment experience.

Stop Prospecting, Start Pitching

Outdated lead generation tactics like emailing, calling, following up on MQLs, and leaving voicemails are low return activities that are still pervasive in B2B industries. Break your company out of this ineffective cycle with B2B lead generation services to hone a process that actually works.

Stop old-school prospecting and start pitching to qualified leads with Kazzcade! Contact us today to take your lead generation to the next level.