Dare To Be Naive

New blog post from Chris Mayer, portfolio manager and co-founder of the Woodlock House Family Capital: Managing cash, the futility of getting the big picture right and a new biography of Buckminster Fuller.

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Author: Chris Mayer  Read: 7 min

The Dark Side of the Semiconductor Design Renaissance

Fixed costs soaring due to photomask sets, verification, and validation. As the design renaissance flourishes, fixed costs + risk soar. How many dead bodies will litter the ground?

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Author: SemiAnalysis    Read: 6 min

 Why China’s Road to Self-Driving Goes Through Inner Mongolia

Since self-driving needs massive computing power to train, adjust, and update the cars with the latest reliable algorithms, China’s road to achieving self-driving inevitably must go through this Inner Mongolian city…

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Author: Kevin Xu  Read: 11 min

 Sunday Bonus: All That Glitters

Gold is a very polarizing topic in the investment community. There are some who swear by it and there are others who think it’s just an overhyped story. So let’s look at all the data and try to figure out: Should you invest in gold? And if so, when and how much? Read More


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