The Big Business of Burying Carbon

The porous rock beneath the Gulf Coast launched the petroleum age. Now entrepreneurs want to turn it into a gigantic sponge for storing CO2. 

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Author: Jeffrey Bold, Wired  Read: 15 min

AlphaFold Reveals the Structure of the Protein Universe

Last year, AI lab DeepMind announced that its AlphaFold model has cracked one of the trickiest problems in biology: protein folding. Last week, DeepMind dropped an update: that it had “predicted structures for nearly all catalogued proteins known to science, which will expand the AlphaFold DB by over 200x – from nearly 1 million structures to over 200 million structures – with the potential to dramatically increase our understanding of biology.”

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Author: DeepMind     Read: 8 min

 Helium: The Network of Networks

Nova Labs’ Internet of Things network is one of crypto’s greatest achievements. In its next chapter, it’s pursuing an even more audacious goal: to provide the infrastructure for 5G, WiFi, VPN, CDN, and other networks.

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Author: The Generalist     Read: 17 min

 Sunday Bonus: Why Expensive Housing Prices Aren’t Good for Real Estate Agents

The draw of an expensive housing market was an obvious lure for many new agents. With prices increasing rapidly in most markets last year and sales surpassing the totals for recent years, the reward for helping someone buy or sell a house was as high as ever. But many who jumped in discovered a surprising truth: The splashy seller’s markets that produce high commission rates don’t lead to greater success for most agents.

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Author: The Hustle   Read: 8 min


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