It should come as no surprise to vendors that the cloud migration market is only going to get bigger as digital transformation takes hold. To effectively sell your cloud services, it’s crucial to understand what enterprise cloud solutions prospects are looking for in vendors, their current challenges migrating to the cloud, and where their priorities lie. Per our research, of 300+ technology buyers, here are how strategies to close more deals by helping accounts solve the right problems.


Cloud Migration Market Insights


What the Prospect Really Cares About. Ranking Helpful Cloud Vendor Services.

In case you have been living under a rock for the past year, the demand for technical talent with cloud expertise has exploded. Consequently- it is not a lack of desire by enterprises, in executing their digital transformation, it is a lack of skill. Our research found the following professional services to be most in-demand and are prioritized as the key component when picking a cloud partner.

  • 31% of respondents look for a partner who can execute the entirety of their cloud strategy. (Architecture, Execution, and support)
  • 28% of respondents look for a partner with expertise in the Architecture of the cloud strategy.
  • 24% prioritized the training of internal talent.
  • 17% prioritized ongoing maintenance and support.

Do Not Get Greedy. Keeping Workloads On-Premises.

Ambitious sales professionals naturally optimize for the largest deal. Don’t. Enterprises have real concerns. Be aware of them and address them. Here are the top two reasons, from our research, why enterprises keep some workloads on-premise.

  • 33% of respondents highlighted security.
  • 21% highlighted the lack of talent to architect and execute. See above.

Do Not Overthink It. Top Priorities of Enterprise Cloud Strategy for the Next Nine Months.

The explosion services in the cloud is stunning. As a result, companies can do amazing things when they leverage much of the cloud tooling and services. From AI, RPA, and data analytics. But the goal is to get an immediate win for your prospect. Here are the 3 main areas enterprises are focused on leveraging the cloud for over the next 9 months. Focus on these top priorities. Let the AI come later.

  • 26% of respondents noted improving security in the cloud.
  • 26% of respondents noted migrating more workloads to the cloud.
  • 23% of respondents noted backing up and making data readily available in the cloud.

Tied for third place with 11% of respondents respectively was leveraging tooling from their cloud provider, and leveraging managed services to lower support costs. In last with 2% of participants was expanding the number of cloud providers.

Everyone is Looking for Multiple Vendors! Types of Cloud Services.

Most enterprises are cognizant of vendor lock-in. Consequently, ONLY 12% of our respondents noted using a single cloud provider. This means rarely should you be road blocked with an account because your firm represents a public cloud provider, which is new to the accounts environment.

Compliance for Cloud Data.

When asked if compliance is an issue/concern with their data stored in the cloud, 57% of respondents said yes and 43% said no. Although compliance for cloud data may not be a concern for some professionals, it should still be on vendors’ radar to better serve those buyers who require it.

Lot of Greenfield Opportunity. Computing Workload in the Cloud.

Per our research, there is still a lot of work left for enterprises to do, as their digitally transform their organizations. Here is how our respondents broke down the percentage of their workloads in the cloud.

  • 45% of respondents said that 50%+ of their computing workload is in the cloud.
  • 23% of respondents selected 10-30%.
  • 20% of respondents chose 30-50%.
  • 12% of respondents said 5-10%.

We spoke with over 300+ technology professionals, who represented accounts with the following number of Terabytes.

  • 41% with accounts managing 0-50 Terabytes.
  • 31% with accounts managing 100+ Terabytes.
  • 22% with accounts managing 51-75 Terabytes.
  • 5% with accounts managing 75-100 Terabytes


Connect with Your Ideal Buyer

Understanding the various motivations and challenges of technology buyers is vital for connecting with them on a deeper level. That’s why every sale starts with a conversation. It’s imperative you have an effective lead appointment process that allows you to gain insights into your prospect’s needs and tailor a solution that converts them from a stranger into a loyal customer.

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Kazzcade, a technology discovery platform, conducted a cloud migration market study to gather insights behind their focuses and decisions in 2021. Over 300 professionals responded — find out what they had to say by downloading our 2021 Cloud Migration Market Study!