Tech in Africa

Africa will supply a disproportionate percentage of the world’s working-age people, with roughly half of the 2.4 billion expected to be younger than 25 years old, over the next 30 years. For perspective- there will be more people in that cohort than in every other G20 country combined.  

At a time when many advanced economies are seeing population growth stagnates, this is profound. 

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Beyond the Meme: Ever Green, Supply Chains, and Physical World

From a logistics standpoint, the mobility of goods and the exchange between trade partners is what enables innovation. Tech pundits may talk about going from atoms to bits or bits to atoms, but it’s the interplay between the two that makes the world go ‘round. And amid a frenzy of global trade demand, the world’s shipping infrastructure is starting to break. 

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The Brilliance of Yield Farming, Liquidity Providing and Valuing Crypto Projects

“Prediction: within the next 5 years, we will be talking about applications of zero-knowledge protocols the way we talk today about applications of blockchain protocols. The potential unlocked by the breakthroughs of the last few years is going to take the mainstream by storm”. – Jill Carlson. 

This technology is at the very beginning of the Gartner Hype Cycle. A great read for what will be a very important new protocol. 

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