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30% reduction in time coordinating vendors


Connect with one of our Tech Ambassadors to describe any requirement, features, or other specifics around your project, as you would like to share.  In addition, you may highlight any specific products or vendors you would like to evaluate. 

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“Kazzcade is a must-have resource. They connect us with reputable vendors, thus allowing us to stay informed of what new products are out there, and what others are using. Thanks to Kazzcade, we are always ahead of the game as far as selecting the best vendors that will save us time and money!”


We will summarize all your solution requirements and feature requests, so every vendor is on the same page and gets right to the point.  Per your permission, we will then coordinate product demos and initial meetings with the vendors and products you approve.


“The vendor partners introduced through Kazzcade are high quality, and innovative in nature, I have appreciated my Kazzcade representative’s effort in understanding my needs as well as his efficient coordination efforts.”

10x Faster to discover and evaluate leading vendors

100% satisfaction


You will receive a calendar invitation with a Microsoft Teams Link, for each vendor meeting you select.  At the meeting, the vendor will immediately demonstrate how they would solve your project or problem.

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“I’ve been working with Kazzcade for over 3 years and they have been a trusted partner to identify opportunities for my department to learn about, evaluate and implement innovative technologies. The service Kazzcade provides me as an IT leader saves me time and the hassle of a cold call any day of the week.”

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Submit the Form and a Tech Ambassador will connect to facilitate your vendor evaluations.

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