Amid this era of digital disruption, or transformation, many companies feel overwhelmed and inundated by the sheer number of technological options available to them, the pace of innovation, and the need to automate to both lower costs and keep up with the competition. This market pressure is mounting and is compounded by organizations focused on tightening their internal and external IT budgets.

In addition, organizations lack internal talent (especially for very sophisticated projects), to assist in the execution and maintenance of digital transformation projects.

Furthermore, the problem or project an organization is addressing is very customized. There are unique business cases, requirements, and compliance issues which need to be addressed. With the vast number (and amount) of questions that need to be answered, the decision can become overwhelming.

So how do you find and evaluate the best engineers, the latest technologies, and the most competent vendors in the shortest amount of time? By Broadkasting, details of what you’re trying to solve, with available meeting times, to an expert network, in a private manner.

Kazzcade has been building an exclusive expert network of technology vendors, partners, and engineers from application migration projects to improving identity governance globally for the past 10 years. Representing all the leading enterprise technology OEMs. As a result, we have revolutionized the entire discovery and evaluation process with the powerful new platform, BroadKast.

Kazzcade Expert Network

By leveraging Broadkast, you are tapping into the breadth of services and talent offered by the network, with great depth within each respective solution set. Most importantly, there is no commitment. This is a discovery and evaluation tool for technology professionals. Whether or not you ultimately decide to engage with a firm on the network is up to you. BroadKast is the first platform that distributes your project details, with personally selected vendor meeting times, to all the applicable vendors, partners, engineers, and solutions on the expert network. From designing machine learning models to a simple device refresh.

Understanding, every organization has a unique use case, BroadKast sends out your approved meeting slots to discuss your issue. Shortening the discovery and evaluation process. Plus, all contact information is kept private until after you connect with a vendor. You evaluate the multiple vendors, solutions, engineers, or services for any problem with 1 click.

How BroadKast Works – As Simple as 1, 2, 3

Step One: Provide some broad strokes as to what it is you need a 3rd party help in addressing. From pulling cable to improving identity governance globally, or specific engineering talent.

Step Two: You select the date and time of when to meet, and how many different vendors. Your time. Your terms.

Step Three: Details of what you are trying to solve are broadkasted, to our expert network. Those best suited to help will select one of your meeting slots. All meetings will appear on your calendar with proper screen-sharing links.

Simple. That has been our aim from the start. Pricing is free at this point in time. As a matter of fact, participants receive a gift when they provide feedback on both the vendor meeting and Kazzcade’s Broadkast service.

Why BroadKast

  1. Expert Network. A network of the best engineers, solutions, and vendors for you to evaluate. From laying office cables to building machine learning models.
  2. Custom. Focused on your challenge, your requirements, and on your timeline. You decide if the vendor is a good match.
  3. Fast. Evaluate the multiple vendors, solutions, engineers, or services for any problem with 1 click. No searching. No Coordinating. No wasting time. No commitment.
  4. Private. Your contact information is only shared AFTER you connect with a vendor.

If you are looking for a better way to discover and evaluate the best IT solutions. Regardless of the technology or sophistication. Leverage Kazzcade’s Broadkast tool, to expedite the process –