Schooling Robots to Behave Like Fish

Radhika Nagpal recently developed swimming robots that performed some of the same behaviors as a school of fish, such as aggregation, dispersion, and searching. All without a leader. Now she is working with Amazon, to apply the same technology to their fleet of 200,000 robots worldwide.

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Author:  Amazon Science.  Read: 17 min 

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We are Not Selling Saddles

This is an internal memo, by the Founder/CEO of Slack, Stewart Butterfield, to his team, two weeks prior to launch. Fantastic insights on product positioning, thinking big and creating new markets. I found it instrumental in crystallizing our new product launch strategies. “Sell the innovation. Not the product. The best — maybe the only? —  real, direct measure of “innovation” is a change in human behavior.” 

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Author: Stewart Butterfield.  Read: 19 min. 

Cultural Liquidity: The Rise of Cryptomedia

The things that move culture—film, music, books, art, writing—have historically been fairly illiquid. Cultural impact hasn’t mapped to economic value created or captured. Cryptomedia and digital assets will be infinitely more scalable and reproducible than offline creations, and because they’re built on the blockchain, they’ll have provable and immutable value. People will make all sorts of things: videos, articles, domain names, game assets, digital houses, digital art, digital clothes. And people will own those works and share in their appreciating value.

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Author: Rex Woodbury  Read: 10 min 

Sunday Bonus: Dazzling Drone Display During Olympic Opening Ceremony

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