Scarcity of Industrial Land; Disney Integrators vs Aggregators; Mining Water from the Moon

Scarcity of Industrial Land

An interesting point to understand when looking at how companies reinvest their capital. We all love asset-light businesses. Businesses can grow without a huge need for investment. But not every dollar of reinvestment is created equal. Some invested capital builds a deeper “moat” around a business, which is hard to see at first glance.

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Author: Chris Mayer. Read: 5 minutes


Disney Integrators vs Aggregators

The internet has upended many traditional business models and spawned the advent of aggregators and integrators. For example, Amazon aggregates consumer demand, which creates a flywheel effect, to drive more retailers on the platform, making the experience for consumers even better. Conversely, Disney is now integrating its product with distribution by going direct to consumers. A great read to clearly understand the nuances of these strategies.


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Author: Ben Thompson. Read: 11 min

Mining Water from the moon

We know there is water on the moon. And now NASA is working on two different processes to mine the water from the moon. By locating and studying the moon’s water resources, it will set up long-term human exploration and answer some of planetary science’s greatest questions.

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