Sales Rep Role: How It Works

  1. Review all details of the Sales Opportunity by clicking Insights.
  2. Press the Claim button on the Appointment Opportunity tile.
  3. You will Receive a calendar invite for the Appointment.

Contact details will be made available after the scheduled appointment. This is to prevent premature outreach, as the buyer has already agreed to the date and time for connection.

Opportunity details in the application will be attached to the calendar invite in a PDF.

Feedback will be required for each completed appointment.


Live tab: Live appointments are prescheduled appointments, with qualified buyers, waiting for you to claim them. Once claimed, a calendar invite will be sent to your email. Live appointments can represent either a sponsored campaign, focused on a specific solution or Ocean Campaign, representing any type of Enterprise Tech Opportunity.

Pending tab: Pending appointments are the sales appointments you have claimed, but the appointment has yet to occur.

Past tab: Past Appointments have occurred. All the data and details are available for download so you can easily upload them into your CRM.

Feedback tab: The feedback tab is where you will be notified to leave feedback AFTER a completed appointment. Sponsored campaigns require feedback to be left after each completed appointment.

Sponsored Campaign: Appointments for a specific vendor campaign. The questions under the Insight tab have been agreed upon as the parameters, which if met, warrant booking an appointment for a sales professional.

Ocean Campaign: When a technology professional, within our community, has an enterprise priority for which there is no sponsored marketing campaign, an appointment is booked and posted here as an Ocean Appointment. These appointments are claimed on a first come first serve basis. To view and access these appointments you must subscribe to Ocean. Subscribe to Ocean.

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