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Delivered right to your team’s inbox. Focused on your target audience and with the ability to configure how they are distributed. Performance-based pricing.


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Maximize pipeline growth for your partner ecosystem and your direct sales team.

Kazzcade focuses exclusively on the tech space to generate, distribute, and track revenue-generating conversations, across your entire partner ecosystem.

Customized reporting

High-level and granular analytics on every campaign and appointment. Downloadable in any templated form for easy ingestion to your CRM.

Increase ROI with automatic status updates

Via the Kazzcade web app, we can ensure proper feedback on each appointment, to garner status updates as well as areas of improvement.

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White labeling

Differentiate your product within your partner ecosystem. Have branded portal to deliver, manage, and track the most valuable opportunity type, appointments, to your partner ecosystem.

How It Works

Define your ideal customer.

Firmographics, user profile, and company attributes that define an opportunity where your solution will add tremendous value!


Architect the conversation flow.

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will work to clearly understand the problem your technology solution solves. Then design a thorough conversation flow that confirms major pain points exist and the prospect is involved in addressing the issue.

Virtual product rooms.

Virtual Product Room is built to showcase your product or service. This will act as part of our top-of-the-funnel engagement process.

Configure the distribution engine.

You define how we want appointments distributed. Broadcast to all reps at once to feed the most aggressive reps, or maybe route them based on opportunity attributes like geography.

Opportunity Profile with first-party data & calendar invite

– Q&As to multiple probing questions.
– The confirmed role of prospect in Decision Making Process.
– Details on how decisions are made.
Firmographics, Technographic, and all contact information.

Coordination and facilitation of all appointments.

Let our awesome schedulers ensure each b2b appointment occurs and handle any rescheduling.


Dashboard, with clean UI, to track, distribute, and analyze all opportunities.


Bi-weekly progress updates.

Bi-weekly Progress Updates with your Customer Success Manager to ensure the campaign and appointments are performing to your expectations.

Maximize Your Pipeline Growth

Unlock faster sales cycles and more predictable revenue with the Kazzcade Qualified Appointments.

Empower your sales reps to succeed

Kazzcade’s highly trained team focuses exclusively on the tech space, at identifying, engaging, qualifying, and hosting live conversations with prospective buyers and your sales team.

User generated first party data

Granular details around the problem or need the prospect is looking to address. Firmographics, technographic, and contact information with each hosted appointment.

Right rep at the right time

Automatically distribute appointments by account, contact, or opportunity type among your sales force or partner ecosystem.

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Reward the right behavior

Have Appointments broadcasted to all participating sales reps at once. The first to claim it gets it!

Govern how many appointments are claimed and apply opportunity status update requirements before reps claim more appointments.

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