Unleash Programmtic Revenue Growth

Programmatic B2B demand generation. From top to bottom of sales funnel, 2x more demos and deal flow, delivered to your inbox.

Design and Build

Our experienced team will work with you to clearly define your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile), product description and product positioning.  Architect proper outreach cadence, of 14 steps across multiple channels.  Craft 1-1 custom messaging, leveraging AIDA framework to ensure effectiveness. Build virtual product room, when appropriate, to drive top of funnel engagement. Train your Business Development Rep on product knowledge, talk track and objection handling. Source the most accurate B2B prospect data, augmented with in market intent buying intelligence.

Execute and Optimize

Your highly trained BDRs, and our technology, kick-off the execution outreach process.  Your BDR meets weekly with our Internal Sales Trainers to ensure Enterprise Sales Best Practices.  In addition, all electronic messaging is optimized for engagement.

Tracking of KPI’s

3300 phone attempts and 3850 email attempts are executed monthly, across 550 of your target ICP’s.  Including details on engagement rates, feedback from all conversations, and granular details on all demos/appointments booked on your behalf. All these analytics are updated in real time in your personal dashboard.

Tight collaboration compounds returns

Your BDR, will join each meeting they coordinate, ensuring prospect attendance and handling any reschedules.  The BDR’s knowledge compounds over time with their attendance. Providing a complete “white glove” service for you and your team. 

Dynamic distribution of meeting notes

Every meeting your BDR schedules will have detailed notes and First Party Data to ensure great preparation for your sales team.  Meetings can either be distributed dynamically for large teams, or in a 1-1 fashion.

Pay as you go

Our pay-as-you-go model allows you to leverage the best tools, strategies, and talent at a fraction of the cost,  reducing your customer acquisition costs by 50%.

CRM integration

All data, analytics, meeting notes, details on leads still being nurtured by your BDR, can be downloaded, anytime, in a customized template, for easy CRM integration.

Let’s Get Started

Demand Generation > Lead Generation

From defining your ICP or ABM strategy (account-based marketing), to executing the outreach activity, to filling your calendar with demos.

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