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Complete inside sales and demand generation as a service. Our Sales in a Box is a powerful AI-driven process, using 4 channels of outreach, executed by top inside sales talent, delivering more new account appointments programmatically.

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 Demand Generation, Pipeline Nurturing & Sales Execution at Your Fingertips

We do all the work. Bringing together tech stack, tactics, and talent. 16-step outreach workflows across 4 channels (SMS, phone, email, LinkedIn). AI-powered custom messaging and sales talent executing the process to generate more B2B appointments for you to close.

Systematic Revenue Pipeline Growth

No more guesswork. We design, build, train, execute, and manage your client acquisition process. From the Top of the funnel, middle of the funnel, to the bottom of the funnel.

Leveraging the Most Innovative Tech Stack

AI-driven custom messaging, lead prioritization, 4 channels of outreach, 16-step lead nurturing workflows, and ML-driven engagement optimization.

Real-Time Analytics

Full view of your pipeline. Top-of-funnel leads. Middle-of-funnel opportunities are being nurtured. Activities executed. Engagement rates. Unparalleled First Party Data with each Bottom of Funnel Appointment.

3x ROI

Pay-as-you-go model. Leveraging the best tools, tactics, and talent to land more new accounts in a shorter amount of time.

Drive Revenue with an Intelligent System of Execution

MoFu Sample Playbook

Step 1 | Day 1: Research

Check the company’s website to get preliminary info.

Step 2 | Day 1: Call

Call the prospect within 5 minutes of the inbound lead receipt.

Step 3 | Day 1: Email

Email the prospect as soon as possible.

Step 4 | Day 2: Call

Offer your personal assistance to meet your prospect’s stated inbound needs.

Step 5 | Day 2: Email

Reiterate your offer to personally assist your prospect in regard to inbound needs.

Step 6 | Day 3: Call

Check-in with prospect in attempt to schedule time.

Step 7 | Day 3: LinkedIn Connect with Message

Send ego boost or “teach me” play.

Step 8 | Day 4: SMS

Check-in with a personal note to confirm this is still a priority.

Step 9 | Day 4: Email

Check-in to confirm this is still a priority; reference the text message.

Step 10 | Day 5: Call

Check-in to confirm this is still a priority.

Step 11 | Day 6: Call

Let them know you’ll leave them alone but plan to connect with them on LinkedIn.

Step 12 | Day 8: Share Content + Like Recent Activity

Share content from their Recent Activity; like their recent activity.

Step 13 | Day 9: Message, Credibility

Share a number or statistic that builds up the credibility of your idea.

Step 14 | Day 11: Email, Intent + Credibility

Explain your idea and why it would work for the prospect.

Step 15 | Day 12: Call, Intent + Credibility

Explain your idea and why it would work for the prospect.

Step 16 | Day 12: Message, Credibility

Explain your idea and why it would work for the prospect.

Step 17 | Day 14: Email

It’s time to take a break; you’ll be in touch in the future.


Increase in Demo Requests

Increase in LinkedIn Engagement

Return on Investment (ROI)

Investment Analysis

1 Inside Sales Professional with Marketing

Sales In A Box
Marketing Strategy, Design, Execution

Marketing Tech Stack
Salary (Inside Sales Rep)
$3,500 to $5,000

$1,000 to $2,000

$500 to $1000

$500 to $1000

$500 to $1000

Data Resources/ Tools
$500 to $1000

Email/ SMS/ Phone tools
$250 to $500

CRM Tools
$250 to $500

Ramp Time
2 - 3 Months

30 days
Total Investment
$9,500 to $17,500

Much less. More Effective.

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From defining your ICP or ABM strategy (account-based marketing), to executing the outreach activity, to filling your calendar with demos.

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