Prescription Drug Commercials Explained

Prescription Drug Commercials: Why Are You the Way You Are?

There are only two countries in the world that allow for direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising: the US and New Zealand. But why exactly do pharmaceutical companies advertise to us? Does it work or affect care? What’s the deal with the million side effects they list at the end? Let’s talk about the world of pharma marketing and how it is evolving with technology. 

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Author: Not Boring by Packy McCormick  Read: 10 min.


The Economics of Movie Product Placements

Each year, hundreds of brands — cars, computers, clothing, kitchen appliances, and lawn chairs — grace the silver screen. Sometimes brand appearances are overbearing (think a 30-second-long glamour shot of a Lexus driving down the coast); other times, they’re so subtle you might miss them if you blink. But how do these brands end up in major motion pictures? What do the economics of these deals look like on the back end? 

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Author: The Hustle  Read: 5 min.

2021 Global Automotive Consumer Study

What consumer trends and disruptive technologies will have the most impact on the automotive industry in the year ahead? Explore the data and insights from the 12th year of Deloitte’s Global Automotive Consumer Study and discover how more than 24,000 consumers from 23 countries are feeling about electric vehicles, vehicle purchasing, financing, and more.

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Author: Deloitte Consulting  Read: 15 min. 


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