Search appointments with Request for Vendor Evaluations.

It’s 2022 and we need to talk about the painful and ineffective processes of sales outreach. Traditional prospecting and engagement tools are failing. Email outreach is stale. LinkedIn is over-saturated. Twitter is a zoo. And texting never lived up to its promise.

Bottom line: it is harder than ever to capture the attention of a new prospect, much less speak to them at a level to determine if your services/products are in need within their organization.

As a result, 57% of sales professionals fail to meet their quotas. Most spend less than 20% of their time pitching new accounts. And CAC (customer acquisition cost) is up 55% in the B2B space.

That is about to change.

An innovative new live appointment feed promises to INVERT the process. This unprecedented new channel is stocked with pre-scheduled appointments with enterprise “in market demand” via the buyer’s documented Request for Vendor Evaluation (RVE).  

This new tool, called OCEAN, is powered by Kazzcade’s network of 8000+ technology professionals from enterprise organizations across North America. OCEAN is a reverse search for vendors. Instead of vendors/partners searching for prospective buyers, OCEAN has enterprise buyers initiate a search for prospective enterprise tech vendors/partners. OCEAN takes it a step further and delivers these RVEs via a live conversation.

As a result, OCEAN revolutionizes the entire prospecting process. No data searching/pulling of target audience. No crafting and execution of outreach. No time spent trying to qualify “leads” from marketing. No frustration with being unable to speak with an in-market buyer.

OCEAN is the first of its kind resource of pre-booked sales appointments with documented RVEs. Subscribing sales professionals, like yourself, are notified by email when new “Appointments” and their R.V.E. are posted. They can review all LIVE appointments anytime by visiting the app. The RVE not only includes granular first party data around details of the buyer’s need, but also firmographics.

This new platform allows participating sales reps to select appointments with RVEs for which they can add the most value and have the greatest success of a sale. Upon “claiming an appointment,” the sales professional immediately receives a calendar invite with all the associated details. Naturally, the selected appointment can no longer be claimed by any other sales professional.

OCEAN’s pricing is based on consumption. Specifically, only after a completed conversation between the sales professional and buyer occurs do members pay. This high standard is very unusual and adds to the overall value delivered.

All the first-party data around the RVE, account, and contact remains in the salesperson’s app and can easily be downloaded at any time for easy CRM integration. The time to value for this service is really fast. Notification -> Claim -> Pitch. OCEAN makes the ROI very compelling for a sales professional.

OCEAN is now accepting sales reps to sign up, limiting it to 75 sales reps as a pre-launch opportunity. You can sign up here:

To learn more, visit

Where are These Requests for Vendor Evaluations Flowing From?

Kazzcade has a community of 8,000+ technology professionals that rely on Kazzcade tech ambassadors to save them time in their research efforts of vendors to address the specific needs of their organization.

Many times, members of this community will have needs or priorities for which Kazzcade does NOT have a sponsored vendor solution that will address it. As a result, these community members have agreed to publish a Request for Vendor Evaluation which documents the technical or business problems that new 3rd party vendors can assist in solving.

What are your most pressing tech objectives to address in the next 12 months?

Simply put, OCEAN provides our members an avenue to “flag” an enterprise, project, objective, or priority, which they want 3rd party vendors to evaluate and claim – assuming they can address the need. It simplifies and shortens the discovery process for enterprise buyers. At the same time, OCEAN offers a new Channel of demand for vendors and their sales professionals.

Author: Jim Graf / Founder, Kazzcade