Having a B2B sales appointment setting process that works like a well-oiled machine is vital for growing your business. If your technology sales pipeline falls short on qualified sales conversations, sales reps will struggle to connect with prospects and convert leads into customers. You need a sales platform partner that allows you to quickly execute campaigns, organize data, streamline workflows, and improve consistency.

See how Kazzcade’s new vendor app featuring BroadKast takes live appointment setting to the next level for marketing and sales professionals at major technology brands.


What is BroadKast?

BroadKast is a powerful tool available on the new Kazzcade vendor portal. It’s the first marketing platform that efficiently distributes qualified leads in a standardized format across your specified sales distribution network. Plus, it’s the only platform that allows marketers to aggregate marketing efforts, eliminating redundancy in accounts or contacts generated by multi-agency efforts.

A popular feature is the ability to “BroadKast” an appointment to their sales professionals on a “first come, first serve” basis, which isn’t available anywhere else. BroadKast’s sales and marketing experts team can also architect proper qualification standards and flow, boosting engagement with leads where your enterprise technology solution adds the most value.

Kazzcade appointment setting dashboard

Four Challenges of Lead Appointment Setting


Generating qualified leads and nurturing relationships are crucial for winning deals — but that’s easier said than done. Here are four challenges that managers and sales teams face with B2B lead appointment setting:

1. Slow implementation

Many organizations take too long to launch their appointment setting campaigns, which reduces their ROI. From third-party agencies’ limited capacity to overcomplicated workflows, slow execution of campaigns is a common hurdle.

2. Data management

Organizing lead information from various sources and different formats can be very time-consuming. It’s also a source of frustration for sales professionals.

3. Multiple agencies

Managing various third-party agencies, communicating campaign objectives, articulating product features, and managing progress reporting takes time. When there’s so much to juggle, things fall through the cracks.

4. Inconsistency

Agencies operate with different workflows and deliverables, producing inconsistent quality and user experience. Inconstant standards confuse prospects and lower the perceived value of your brand.

How Kazzcade Vendor App Addresses These Problems

B2B appointment setting requires a modern solution because outdated tactics and processes won’t generate your desired results. Gain a competitive edge by leveraging Kazzcade’s dynamic BroadKast marketing platform.

– Faster campaign execution

Aggregate multiple third-party agencies onto one platform. Not only will it be easier to leverage their expertise, but it also results in faster campaign execution.

Target graphic with leader
– Standardize lead quality

Eliminate all variability to set quality appointments for your sales team by clearly defining all parameters that must be on all submitted appointments.

– Superior experience

BroadKast’s user-friendly platform provides a superior experience for all of your sales network, regardless of the third-party marketing agency and the type of deliverable (MQL or SQL).

– Save time managing data

Efficiently manage data on one platform instead of manually analyzing, tracking, and transferring data into your CRM. Furthermore, all data generated from third-party agencies are right at your fingertips.

– Automatically route appointments

The “rules engine” automatically distributes conversations by account, contact, or opportunity type among your sales force or partner ecosystem. This allows for a seamless B2B appointment setting process.

– Increase ROI on marketing investment

The rules engine also ensures no duplication of account appointments are submitted per campaign, regardless of the number of third-party agencies executing appointment setting campaigns.

– Gamify lead generation

Broadcast opportunities to all participating sales reps at once where the first to claim the appointment gets it. Gamifying your lead generation to increase engagement from your sales team and encourage friendly competition.

– Improve ROI with analytics

Analyze your campaigns’ analytics and get feedback on every appointment or MQL delivered. Leverage BroadKast’s tools and workflows to require sales reps to provide feedback on each opportunity consumed to delve deeper into analytics.

Schedule More Quality Appointments

Set up conversations with qualified leads, efficiently manage data, and standardize flows and deliverables with a specifically designed solution for B2B appointment setting. The BroadKast platform on Kazzcade’s vendor app is the only marketing tool that overcomes lead generation challenges.  It provides powerful, user-friendly features that streamline campaigns and improve results.  Contact us now to discover what Kazzcade will do for your sales pipeline!