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LEMA is a digital forensics analysis system for organizations processing video and image evidence who need to identify, extract, and manage Person, Object, Location, and Event (POLE) facts during an investigation. LEMA provides investigators the ability to analyze video and images for POLE facts using a range of automated, extendable analytics, with human oversight to ensure appropriate control and accountability. This makes investigators more efficient, allowing more evidence to be processed and shortening investigation time.

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Micro Focus LEMA: Law Enforcement Media Analysis

The widespread shift from analog to digital media over the last few decades means that law enforcement officers face a new problem. A larger proportion of evidence is being stored in a widening gamut of different digital formats, and the collection, organization, and security of these assets is becoming an increasing strain on labor and costs…

Law Enforcement Media Analysis (LEMA)

Because of the shift from analog to digital media, law enforcement officers face a new problem: a larger proportion of evidence is stored in a widening range of different digital formats. This increases the strain on the labor and costs for these assets’ collection, organization, and security…

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