I started this curated newsletter a year ago and it has really taken on a life of its own. Subscribership is 3100+ business professionals and growing. Thanks for all the feedback and support. As a result, I am proud to announce we landed our first sponsor. And in the spirit of curation, I decided to only partner with a sponsor which is an enterprise technology, or tool we use internally and find indispensable.
Growbots is an automated outreach tool we depend upon heavily. Combination data source with AI personalized outreach capabilities. A tool every marketer and/or salesperson can’t live without. The interface is unbelievably clean and the customer service is fantastic.

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Jim Graf, Founder | CEO

Growbots Ad - Signal

McKinsey Top Trends in Tech Report

Definitely worth a skim thru the Executive Summary below. Here are a few key takeaways:
The Top 3 cross-industry technology trends gaining momentum and reshaping corporate strategy, organization, and operations. 

  1. Next level process automation. Automation of manual processes beyond the routine. (RPA). 3D/4D printing is dematerializing and shortening product and service life cycles. 
  2. This will enable new services (remote patient monitoring), new business models (connected services), and new experiences (live and VR). 80% of the global population by 2030. 5G and IoT are accelerating.
  3. Distributed infrastructure. (cloud and edge computing). Availability of IT infrastructure through cloud services could shift the demand for on-prem IT infrastructure and IT setup and maintenance. Competitive advantage shifts to software development and talent. 
Author: McKinsey   Read: 9 min 

Smuggling Drugs for Pablo Escobar: Roger Reaves

I could not resist highlighting the most entertaining podcast I listened to this past week, even though it has nothing to do with science, business, or technology. Roger Reaves was the most prolific drug smuggler for Pablo Escobar and Jorge Ochoa. Not only very entertaining but also quite touching as Roger looks back on his past. Great listen to escape while on vacation.  Enjoy. 

Author: Lex Fridman Podcast.   Listen: 2hr 16min 

Can a $110 Million Helmet Unlock the Secrets of the Mind?

Bryan Johnson, who made a fortune in online payment processing, has spent a lot of it building hardware meant to radically expand science’s understanding of the brain’s aging and effects on the body. Excited researchers anticipate using the helmets to gain insight into brain aging, mental disorders, concussions, strokes, and the mechanics behind previously metaphysical experiences such as meditation and psychedelic trips. 

Read Here

Author: Ashlee Vance, Bloomberg Businessweek.   Read: 5 min 

Sunday Bonus: More People are using Tik Tok than Facebook

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