Maps Show Life is Getting Much Better

Great interactive maps, which illustrate the meaningful improvements our world has made, in the areas of Renewable Energy, Education, Life Expectancy, and internet access.

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Author: The Guardian. View Time: 3 min.


Are You a Seal?

The theory is, when a surfer gets attacked by a shark, it is because it thinks the surfer is a seal? Big Tech companies are upending every industry, so the question one needs to ask within an enterprise is; ” are we a seal or just a surfer?”.

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Author: Benedict Evans. Read Time: 7 mins.

Steve Jobs’ Last Gambit, The M1 Chip

“Steve used to say that we make the whole widget,” Joswiak told me. “We’ve been making the whole widget for all of our products, from the iPhone to the iPads, to the watch. This was the final element to making the whole widget on the Mac.”



  • Modern computing is changing. Software is an end-point for data and works using application programming interfaces.

  • Chips have become so complex that you need integration and specialization to control power consumption and create better performance.

  • Apple’s chip, hardware, and software teams work together to define the future systems to integrate them tightly.

  • The future of computing is moving beyond textual interfaces: visual and aural interfaces are key.

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Author: Om Malik. Read Time: 8 mins


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