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Securely backup and recover your data no matter where it lives. Consolidate disparate hardware and software components into a single management plane.

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Let’s face it old school backup job scheduling is quite painful. As the legacy backup and recovery solutions can be very time consuming with hundreds of manual backup jobs making it difficult to manage.  


Rubik simplifies this approach with a policy driven platform that reduces time spent managing backups by 90%.  How exactly?  One of the biggest benefits of our policy-based automation is that you can easily align slas with your business needs and eliminate the manual process of scheduling jobs. 


Our easy to use interface allows you to define your RPO by choosing:

  • How often to backup
  • How long until backups expires
  • Where to archive backups
  • Whether to replicate to another Rubik deploy ment


Whether you’re backing up your VMs, databases, file sets and operating system across on-premises data centers or in the cloud, Rubik has got you covered. You can even archive to popular public cloud options like AWS, Azure or Google Cloud platform.  Or to more traditional destinations like NFS, Object Storage or even Tape.  


And recovery is just as easy.  Rubik’s global metadata index lets you quickly look across your entire environment, select the right restore point and recover.  All in just a few clicks.  


As you can see, Rubik helps you replace thousands of backup jobs and streamlines recovery.  Just set SLAs across your entire environment with a few swipes and Rubik takes care of the rest.  

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