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The Riverbed Unified NPM unifies device monitoring, flow monitoring, and full packet capture and analysis solutions. These solutions are tightly integrated together so that you can more quickly troubleshoot complex performance issues. Instead of wasting valuable time and resources, you can rapidly diagnose and fix service issues before end-users notice.

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The world of work has changed and a distributed workforce is now the reality for most digital businesses.  This work from anywhere shift, means that IT environments must also adapt.  Many IT teams are facing unprecedented challenges.  Your business might struggle to quickly modernize networks to meet rising demands for speed and capacity, while also managing costs.  You need to ensure that business critical apps can perform well across any network, so that employees can do their jobs, and the business can keep serving end users.  


Moving to the cloud is a start, but you still need to be able to closely monitor and troubleshoot data center networks, cloud performance, and remote worker productivity.  With a distributed workforce comes increased risk and vulnerability to cyberthreats, so security is more critical than ever.  


For a network to be resilient, it must be both secure and available all the time.  You can’t afford to have blind spots because they weaken your organization’s security posture and can lead to application failures.    To meet these challenges head on and stop security threats in their tracks, your business must have visibility everywhere – into your end-user experience, across your networks, and into the cloud.  


Relying on fragmented, siloed tool sets, leads to missed threats and performance problems, as well as reactive troubleshooting.  That’s where Unified Network Performance Management or NPM can help.  Riverbed’s Unified NPM solution is an integrated platform that offers total visibility across on-premises cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud environments.  It gathers all packets, flows and device metrics all the time with no sampling.  


With Riverbed Unified NPM you’ll have deep insights into how your networks and applications are performing, so you can identify issues before they become a problem.  We’re here to help bring top-level security and visibility to your business.  

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