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One Identity Platform. Any User Journey. Whether you just want single sign-on (SSO) or a risk-based, adaptive authentication authority, starting off with a PingOne solution package lets you only pay for what you need, and gives you room to grow. 

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You want to make your digital experiences extraordinary, but how?  That’s where the PingOne Cloud Platform comes in.  It’s all about connecting everyone to everything securely, without any friction.  Think about your ideal user flow, now draw it out.  With our platform, if you can whiteboard it, you can orchestrate it.  Just drag and drop to create your user journey.  No code, no headaches.  Integrate and test all your business apps and systems.  Hundreds of vendors from identity providers to apps you use every day.  You can also leverage all of Ping services to fully optimize your security.  

  • Detect risk and fraud even when the user is still anonymous.  
  • Verify new users with their real-life IDs by matching them to a live selfie on their phone.
  • Let them manage their own profiles in your unified directory.  
  • Plus, quickly authenticate and authorize them to make sure they are who they say they are, and only accessing what they’re supposed to.  

It all can be done with PingOne Cloud Platform.  Whether you’re building a seamless and secure customer journey, a full optimized employee journey or your ideal partner journey.  One platform.  Any user journey.  That’s Ping. 

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