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OTAVA® Desktop as a Service (DaaS) provides a complete virtual workspace from the cloud, delivering desktops and hosted apps as an easily managed, integrated cloud service. Enterprises can rapidly provision desktops and applications to users on any device, anywhere. Furthermore, virtual desktops are transformed from the CapEx outlay inherent in enterprise onsite infrastructures to a more flexible OpEx expenditure model.


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OTAVA® Desktop as a Service

It’s important in today’s world to embrace a sustainable work-from-home and hybrid strategy that is secure, scalable, and unified. Many organizations have recognized the vast benefits of a dispersed workforce, with no plans to return to their offices…

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Wherever you are in your cloud journey, we have the solutions and expertise to take you to the next step and beyond. Whether you’re new to cloud or an established service provider, Otava solutions and our legendary team of engineers will help you overcome the obstacles and accelerate the transformation to achieve seriously exceptional outcomes…

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