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NetApp Keystone offers a seamless hybrid cloud experience with storage services that span on your premises and in the cloud, with less cash up front. Free up your cash flow and increase financial flexibility with the right mix of payment, subscription, and usage-based services.

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NetApp Keystone

Arun Raman, Product Manager, demonstrates NetApp Keystone for storage as a service.  The NetApp Search Engine (NSE) is a management platform for NetApp Flex subscription customers.  In this video you will view a full demo on the specifics of the platform, to get the cloud-like experience. 

As-a-Service Management Framework

  • Services portal with standardized workflows, with abstraction from technology
  • Unified management between cloud and on-premise
  • Robust APIs, to integrate into the customer ecosystem 
  • Monthly service reviews with SLA agreements and management reporting with chargeback and billing
  • Digital commerce manage subscription, service requests, and support requests

Flex Subscription Management Platform provides

  • Dashboard and reports
  • Service catalog
  • Self-service
  • APIs
  • Metering
  • Proactive support

Customer Benefits

  • Accept data from non-Flex Subscription environment
  • Don’t overpay if performance requirement changes
  • Connect to cloud, without switching interfaces
  • Don’t manage storage, manage your data

NetApp Search Engine Feature Summary

  • User management with RBAC
  • Provision file, block, and object
  • Protect your data for your RPO needs
  • Capacity and performance reports
  • Manage and add new subscriptions
  • Submit and track service requests

Build Your Hybrid IT using Keystone Flex Subscription

  • A flexible consumption model aligned to your business needs
  • Self-service portal for a unified experience across hybrid cloud deployments
  • Remotely managed for you for a cloud-like experience on-prem
  • Digital subscription for a simplified buying experience and predictable billing

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