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Azure Arc is a set of technologies that brings Azure security and cloud-native services to hybrid and multicloud environments. It enables you to secure and govern infrastructure and apps anywhere, build cloud-native apps faster with familiar tools and services to run them on any Kubernetes platform, and modernize your data estate with Azure data and machine-learning services.

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Microsoft Azure Arc  

Video Summary

Azure Arc has foundationally changed the game, for many developers. Imagine where all the value that you thought you could get in Azure, has now been enabled everywhere.  

Arc delivers on that promise that Azure is the world’s computer. A single pane of glass, that helps to simplify and bring everything together that exists in your environment.

By making a resource representation in Azure Resource Manager, that unlocks all your governance tools and policy tools.  Automation tooling built for managing cloud-based resources can now be used to manage on-premise resources.  Choose from containers, VMs, on-premise infrastructure, or public infrastructure.  

Are your on-prem data assets secure?  What governance policies do you have? Who can access your data?  With the Azure portal, you can create these databases – and it’s all managed for you.  Or Azure will manage it for you.  

PSQL developers, who run SQL databases, or create SQL databases, now have a fully managed experience in Azure.  With Azure Arc enabled, SQL Managed Instance, you get that experience on-prem and the Edge infrastructure and in other public clouds.  

Azure extended and created Arc off this control plane that’s already powering millions of operations a day, nestled natively inside Azure. It not only sets you up for today’s environment but also helps you to think about tomorrow’s environments and the future. 

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