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Voltage SecureData offers an end-to-end data-centric approach to enterprise data protection. It is the only comprehensive data protection platform that enables you to protect data over its entire lifecycle—from the point at which it’s captured, throughout its movement across your extended enterprise, all without exposing live information to high-risk, high-threat environments. That’s the essence of data-centric security.

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Your business depends on data and your reputation depends on keeping it secure.  With malicious attacks accelerating, keeping your company out of today’s headlines is imperative.  While at the same time giving those who need it access to the data and protecting your brand and customers.  Your best protection is powerful encryption and tokenization technologies that render the data useless and neutralize the impact of data theft.  

Most data security technologies are very complex, difficult to deploy and manage, and expensive.  Not so with Voltage SecureData.  Data centric solutions for securing sensitive data.

  • Credit and debit card data
  • Personally identifiable information 
  • Regulated healthcare information

Our proven, high performing, secure 

  • Stateless tokenization 
  • Format preserving encryption
  • Stateless key management 

Are not just powerful and effective, they’re simple to deploy, use, maintain and our standards-based.  They stay in the background doing their job without end-user complexity.  Yet they can serve millions of people in the largest global enterprises, all from scalable solutions based on a common architecture that work across many platforms and interfaces.  This translates to the highest level of data protection and control for security professionals and tremendous cost savings.  In fact, compliance cost savings of up to 95% have been achieved through reduced PCI audit scope alone.  

With Voltage Secure Data you go beyond compliance to achieve comprehensive data security.  

With Secure Data, if your data ends up in the hands of the wrong people, it is useless.  

The Voltage Secure Data customer base includes many of the world’s largest:

  • Financial institutions
  • Telecommunications service providers
  • Top retailers
  • Thousands of mid-size healthcare organizations 
  • Regional banks 
  • Insurance providers serving millions of individuals 

We are trusted by six of the eight top US payment processors and seven of the top 10 US banks.  

To learn more contact us today.  Voltage SecureData from MicroFocus.  We protect the world’s most sensitive data.  

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