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The Motion Plus Marketplace offers a comprehensive suite of in-stock, high-precision automation components including Ball Screws, Linear Bearings, Stepper Motors, Stepper Drives, Optomechanics, Linear Actuators/Stages, Servo Drives/Controllers, Servo Motors, Piezo Stages, Piezo Drives/Controllers, & More. Designed to meet the diverse needs of many different applications requiring motion and control.

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Introducing MOTUS 1

The Motus 1 family of heavy-duty, high-performance stages from Motion Plus provides the perfect mix of flexibility and functionality, manufactured at industry-leading lead times. With three different frame sizes and three drive train options, this suite of electric linear actuators provides machine builders, OEM’s and end-users alike the ability to maximize speed, load capacity…

Motion Plus: Growing Product Portfolio

Our product portfolio includes an array of solutions targeted at solving your automation needs—from straightforward to the most complex. With a huge variety of products to choose from today, we are continually expanding and adding new products…

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