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Experience the network designed for the AI-driven enterprise. AI, machine learning, and cloud technologies deliver optimized wireless experiences and simplified network operations.

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Even as wired and wireless devices sore at the network edge, today’s business-critical services require more predictable, reliable, and measurable networks.

Users demand a seamless, personalized experience, based on user type and location. It’s no longer enough to keep the network up and running. It’s about ensuring a great experience across the network for every user and network device. Addressing problems before clients are even aware of them.

How is this accomplished? With an AI-driven enterprise, only from Juniper Mist.

Juniper Mist transforms the network experience and simplifies operations with artificial intelligence while delivering on strategic initiatives with virtual Bluetooth location-based services and analytics. Now you can report when users or devices are unhappy. Or analyze traffic patterns through a retail store. Alerting shoppers with location-based special offers in real-time.

All network data is ingested into the missed AI engine for continuous learning and improvement. And Marvis the virtual network assistant is the Alexa for IT teams. Marvis helps keep the network running seamlessly and simplifies troubleshooting with recommended or self-driving actions across the WLAN, LAN, WAN, and security domains. This is a true AI-driven enterprise for wired and wireless networks.

Juniper Mist is leading a new era of IT that uses AI to save time and money; deliver unprecedented scale and provide unparalleled user experiences. Let us know when you have 15 minutes to learn more.

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Please note: participants in our Video Feedback Surveys are only eligible for ONE Reward, no matter how many times you submit feedback.

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