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HPE GreenLake is an as-a-service offering, which brings cloud-like flexibility to your entire IT infrastructure. From edge to cloud. Incorporating all of your 3rd party applications. Configures, supports, and manages the system.

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HPE GreeLake Explainer: The Cloud That Comes To You.

Let’s face it, Public Cloud wasn’t built to handle everything.

But that’s okay because now you can bring a new kind of cloud experience to all your apps and data, no matter where they live. Meet the next generation of cloud services from HPE GreenLake, a simple open-platform built for everything from edge to cloud, all delivered as-a-service.

So how does it work? You answer a few questions. Select the services you want. Choose one of three built-to-order sizes. Get a price and get your pre-configured services delivered on-site, installed by experts across your locations, in as few as 14 days.* *Based on HPE internal data.

If you need more, add more with a simple point and click.

HPE GreenLake works with everyone you work with. This one, that one, pretty much all the ones.

See all your services in a single window with more insights, visibility, and control. When resources can launch within minutes, developers can deploy without constraints, finance can control costs and preserve cash flow, and it’s easy to transform operations, innovate and get to market faster, up to 75% faster.* That’s HPE GreenLake. Faster, simpler, better than ever. *Forrester Research

A cloud experience over 99% of customers were staying with.* *Based on HPE internal data
Built by the people who have done it for a decade.

So let’s rewind.

Get everything-as-a-service, built to order, add services with a click, pay-as-you-go, have it managed for you. HPE GreenLake, the cloud that comes to you.

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