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From luxury high-rises to large garden-style communities, DojoNetworks™ provides frictionless managed WiFi to residents throughout the property. When you team up with DojoNetworks™, you can rest assured that anyone living, working, or simply staying in your community will enjoy a fast and easy connection to the content they care about.

A short three-minute video that goes over the benefits of the DojoNetworks, an industry-leading managed WiFi solution for apartment buildings and MDUs, and why Managed WiFi is better than any of the solutions that cable providers bring into apartment buildings and why it is better than having tenants all individually buy service.

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Dojo Networks Managed WIFI for Multifamily

DojoNetworks™ installs a cloud-managed and controller-based Ruckus Wireless System. This system provides the solution to the frustrations typically associated with shared WiFi.

Our smart system will move your residents’ devices connections to the access point with the strongest signal in the building based on their location. This ensures that they always have the fastest possible internet service for MDUs. No matter the location, no device should experience a loss of signal…

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