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With powerful, customizable solutions for companies of all sizes, the Cisco wireless portfolio helps you manage the growing number of connected wireless devices. From IoT to a growing inventory of applications, the Cisco wireless network provides an always-on, always-available solution.

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Cisco Business Wireless Solution Overview


Today’s networks are filled with devices that require rapid full bandwidth applications, while requiring immediate bandwidth and speed from their wireless network.  


Wired Deployment Operating Model

  • In this deployment model, all the access points in the Cisco business wireless AP network have wired uplink only.
  • All the APs are master capable, yet one among them will serve as the master AP 
  • The other subordinate APs in the network will join the maste.


Mesh Deployment Operating Model

  • Mesh technology allows for a resilient network with an automatic fault tolerance in the case of a failure.  
  • The wireless service adapts to find an appropriate route to maintain connectivity to all mobile clients and applications. 
  • Wireless services may be delivered where they are needed most or may simplify expansion by removing physical restriction of node replacement.
  • Easily guarantee wireless connection in all primary locations.  
  • Backhaul connection provides flexible management to serve all wireless clients according to their needs.
  • Users can make use of the master AP, subordinate APs, wired APs and wireless mesh extenders.
  • Master AP wireless mesh extenders have the dynamic algorithm to select and join the best route AP based on the signal strength.  


See video for an overview of the AP Models Cisco Business Series APs that are supported in the CBW AP network.  

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