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Application Security Built for the Cloud. Developed for today’s technology stack, processes, and vulnerabilities, the Checkmarx AST Platform™ is a solution CISOs trust and developers love. It enables DevSecOps to simplify security—in code, deployment scripts, open source dependencies, containers, microservices, and more—all from a single scan. Built from our industry-leading technologies and delivered from the cloud, it combines static and open source code analysis with IaC security, providing comprehensive and accurate results at speed from a single solution.

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In a world creating a million lines of code everyday, how does security keep up?  Tough question.  Easy answer.  App Sec Dev teams working together.  But how?  

To counter solution sprawl scattered results and an increasingly fractured dev landscape, your teams need a new generation of application security, from Checkmarx.  We enable secure software development across organizations, giving your teams the visibility they need with accurate, actionable intelligence to code boldly and securely.  We’ve made the fundamental shift from point product to platform.  One-click functionality to correlate all your security scans together without friction.

Join us as we make securing the world’s code easier with the Checkmarx application security platform.  Built for the cloud development generation.  

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AST Platform

The Checkmarx AST Platform™ delivers essential application security services from a unified platform.

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