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When migrating to Atlassian Cloud products, you’ll get enhanced security and reliability, more innovative new features, and simplified administration. Learn more about how Cloud can help bring value to your team.

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Atlassian Cloud

Think of migrating to cloud, as if you’re planning for a big trip.  It’ll take some prep work, but it will be worth it when you get to your destination.  

We’ve broken down our migration process into six phases:

  • Assess
  • Plan
  • Prep
  • Test
  • Migrate 
  • Launch

Assessment is the most important step to help you understand where you are and what to expect on your journey.  Similar to deciding where to travel and what your trip budget is.  First, audit your on-prem landscape across apps, security, and compliance needs.  Consider whether or not you’ll need a partner.  And finally, determine if you’ll want to centralize administration across all your Atlassian Cloud products with Atlassian Access.

Next, planning.  What do you need to get there?  Take the time to set up your organization, verify your domain, assess the complexity of your data, assemble your team and develop your migration plan.

Once you’ve decided how you’ll make the move happen, it’s time to prep for the trip.  Get your data, environments, and teams ready for the switch.  We recommend socializing your plan early, having an app migration strategy, and cleaning up your self-hosted instance. You should also communicate the plan to end users and prepare training they’ll need to hit the ground running in cloud. 

Next, testing.  You know the feeling of breaking into new shoes?  It’s important to take them for a test spin before the long track.  This is why we recommend you backup your data.  Test the migration, build a run book, and schedule a migration window that works best for your team. We’re here to help.  Even on holidays and weekends.  And now the time has come for you to go on your trip.  Start your migration by running the production migration, installing or migrating apps, and redirecting users to the new cloud sites.

And finally, it’s time to launch and explore.  Once you’ve arrived at your destination the first thing you do is take in the sites.  After setting your on-prem instances to read-only, learn and explore your new cloud environment.  And check out the new features. As your team takes time to get settled, resources like Atlassian University Community and comprehensive product guides are here to help you.

Get started on your Atlassian migration journey today and explore the new world of cloud.

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