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Simplify your networking infrastructure and bring newfound agility to your business with Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform), the industry’s original AI-powered, cloud-native architecture designed to automate, unify, and protect the Edge.

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First there was mobile.  Then cloud.  Now it’s massive amounts of data at the edge.  But what is the edge?  It’s where people, technology and data come together to do amazing things.  

Robots in factories, augmented reality and diagnostics in healthcare, or personalized experiences in a sports stadium or office.  That’s the edge.  This is the disruption your network needs to be ready for.  But the edge brings a whole new set of challenges to your network.  IT is hampered by siloed management across wired, wireless and wan.  IOT and mobile devices continue to erode the security perimeter.  And visibility fades as infrastructure moves beyond its direct control.  

Traditional networking must change.  You need a network that can see what people can’t see.  A network that can fix problems before they happen.  That’s where Aruba Edge Services Platform comes in.  The industry’s first platform with an AI-powered, sixth sense.  Designed to automate and protect the edge.  

Aruba ESP uses: 

  • AI ops to reveal and resolve issues before they impact users or the business.  
  • Unified infrastructure to bring management and troubleshooting onto a single platform.
  • Zero trust security to modernize protection methods and address the complexity and new attack factors of IOT.

And it’s all accessed and managed through a single pane of glass.  

Aruba Central, you get actionable AI insights, a unified infrastructure and security for wired, wireless and SD-WAN operations across the campus, branch and data center.  

It’s time for a new way to think about your network.  It’s time for your network to do some thinking.  It’s time for Aruba ESP.  

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Aruba Unified Infrastructure Video

Aruba ESP simplifies management and operations by unifying wired, wireless, and SD-WAN infrastructure under a cloud-native single pane of glass.

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Network as a Service Enables Flexible Consumption of Secure and Agile Enterprise Networks.
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