How many times have you heard something like this: “We need more leads to increase sales”? Or maybe you’ve said it yourself. The problem is that most salespeople don’t realize that leads don’t buy, people do. Generating a high volume of leads won’t mean anything if you’re not effectively setting up conversations with interested buyers.

With Kazzcade’s appointment setting services for vendors, you’ll be able to connect qualified leads with the right sales rep at the right time, making customer acquisition a whole lot easier. Learn more about how our technology appointment setting works!

Sales Start with a Conversation

Sales teams spend a lot of their time looking for new prospects who might become customers. This means they need to identify potential buyers and then develop relationships with them.
But what happens after they find these prospects?

Salespeople often focus on closing deals instead of nurturing relationships. If you want to succeed at selling, you’ll need to change your mindset. That’s where our appointment setting services step in to bridge connections between buyers and brands that turn into mutually beneficial relationships.

Technology Appointment Setting Process

IT lead generation that results in deals requires an appointment setting process that works. Yet, many B2B companies still use time-consuming, ineffective tactics like email, calling, following up, and leaving voicemails. Our appointment setting system is a smarter approach, here’s how the process works:

Define Your Ideal Customer

First, you define your ideal customer by adding firmographics, providing us with a list of accounts or contacts to target, or giving us a DNC list to avoid. We’ll even fill in missing information, such as phone numbers, emails, and LinkedIn URLs, for a more complete profile.

Design the Conversation Flow

You’ll have a dedicated Customer Success Manager assigned to your account who will learn everything about your product or service to pinpoint the problem your solution solves and the main benefits. Together, you’ll architect a conversation flow that addresses your lead’s issue.

Showcase Your Product or Service

Ditch stale PDF flyers to provide information to prospects. With your very own Virtual Product Room on our Discovery Platform, you’ll be able to showcase your solution with rich content, such as videos, infographics, and insights. Plus, you’ll gain access to demand from a community of potential buyers.

Distribute Leads to Reps

With our distribution engine, you’re able to decide how exactly to distribute conversations among your salesforce or partner eco-systems. For instance, you could broadcast to your entire salesforce or direct leads to specific reps based on attributes (e.g. availability, location).

Set Up Appointments

After distributing the conversations, Kazzcade’s appointment setting function kicks in! We send out calendar invites with virtual meetings links, along with a one-page write-up that includes invaluable insights. You’ll receive a list of exploration questions to ask, the confirmed role of the prospect in the decision-making process, information on how decisions are made, and more.

Receive Support and Updates

Our schedulers provide crucial facilitation for your appointments. Not only do they ensure each appointment takes place, but they’ll also handle rescheduling. Additionally, your Customer Success Manager will provide bi-weekly progress updates to keep your campaign and appointments on track.

Track and Analyze Results

Kazzcade’s clean, user-friendly dashboard provides a simple way to track, distribute, and analyze all opportunities. With invaluable data at your fingertips, you’re able to make better-informed decisions that positively impact your company.

Close Deals with Appointment Setting Services

Redefine your IT lead generation with appointment setting services that connect sales reps with interested buyers and eliminate back-and-forth coordination. When you have a seamless appointment setting process, your sales team will have more conversations, which results in higher close rates. Contact us today to start growing your revenue pipeline with Kazzcade!