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  Ocean – prescheduled appointment feed with enterprise “in market demand”. View and claim, meetings with enterprise buyers in need of a technology solution/service.
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57% Of Sales Reps Fail To Hit Quota

It is more difficult than ever, to find and speak with NEW prospects. Outreach channels are over-saturated. No one responds to your emails, texts, and LinkedIn invites. Are you struggling to speak with more new prospects?

Sales Reps Spend LESS Than 20% of Their Time Pitching

Yet this is their highest ROI activity! Crafting emails, data entry, proposal generation, and managing Linkedin is busy work. Do you need more Productive Work to drive the pipeline?

Data is Dead

Anyone can buy data with buyer intent. The question is how valid is it and how can I get them on the phone. Relying on keyword searches and content downloads as indicators of intent is not a strong signal of “in market” demand. Are you tired of getting “leads” that are less than accurate and you can’t get on the phone?

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Pre-booked Appointments with “In-Market” Demand

Pitch More, Prospect Less

 Skip the outreach and prospecting process. Get right to the pitch with a 30-minute one-on-one sales appointment.

New Channel of Engaging with Prospective Buyers

Our network of “in-market” demand comes with prescheduled times for vendor engagement. Only accessible to Ocean members.

Experience the Gold Standard of First-Party Data

Buyers articulate in their own words their enterprise project and why they need a vendor to assist in addressing it.

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How It Works

Kazzcade Ocean. Tap into a New Channel of Opportunity.

1. Review

You will be notified when a Request for Vendor Evaluation has been scheduled. Review the IT enterprise projects. Including all firmographics, appointment details, and project specifics.

2. Claim

Claim the appointment with the associated enterprise project, you believe your firm can address.

You will immediately receive a calendar invite, with a Microsoft Teams Link, and a 1 Page Write Up with all the details. The Opportunity will now reside in your “Pending” Tab.

3. Pitch

Join the Microsoft Teams Room on the appropriate date and time. Be prepared to speak directly to the details provided by the prospect. Good luck.

4. Track

All details of the appointment, as well as any notes you make, reside in the Post Appointment tab. All of this data can be easily downloaded for CRM ingestion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kazzcade Ocean?

A live feed of pre-booked appointments with enterprise buyers who are in need of a specific technology service or solution. The appointments and associated buyer needs can be searched and claimed by subscribers. Naturally, subscribers should claim the appointments they feel will add the most value.

How do I get Kazzcade Ocean feed?

Simply subscribe on our website. You will then be able to log in and access the live feed. View and search sales appointments. Claim the ones you feel you can add the most value to.

How much does it cost?

Currently, the subscription is FREE, you only pay for the sales appointments you claim, and the PROSPECT attends. If the prospect does NOT attend you do NOT get charged. If you do NOT attend, you will be charged.

Each completed appointment costs $349.00.

What kind of information do I receive to determine whether I want to purchase an Appointment?

All account firmographics, contact’s title, and details describing what the enterprise buyer is looking for are visible for evaluation before claiming. Specific sales opportunity details include:

  • What is the product, service, business or technical problem, or enterprise project, your organization is looking to have an outside party address?
    Reason: What is the product, service, business or technical problem, or enterprise project, the organization is looking to have an outside party address.
  • How are you dealing with this problem now?
    Reason: Provides insight on how the organization is currently dealing with this problem or project. Including processes, people, tech stack, and vendors currently being used.
  • Why does it make sense to meet with a vendor now?
    Reason: Details around what is the driving force, for the organization to meet with a vendor to discuss this project or problem now.
  • Have you tried solving this in the past? If so what did not work?
    Reason: Details on what was attempted and failed in the past to address the problem.
  • Do you have an ideal set of features, functionality, vendors, or requirements in mind?
    Reason: Specific areas for the vendor to focus on in the discussion. As well as details around any requirements needed.
  • And lastly, what is your role in solving this problem or completing this project?
    Reason: Details on the individual’s role within the organization as it relates to engaging a vendor to address the stated problem or project.

Conference call link, appointment dial-in information, and Contact’s name, mobile number, and email address are accessible after having claimed the appointment.

How do I claim an appointment?
  • You will be notified via email every time a new Request for Solution Evaluation has been booked.

  • Click the link and review the Opportunity & Appointment dates and times.

  • “Claim” the appointment for which you feel your product/service will address the prospect’s needs.

  • You receive a calendar invite for an appointment with 1 one-page write-up summarizing all the details.

What is the source of these appointments?

Kazzcade has a pre-existing network of 8,000+ technology professionals that rely on Kazzcade tech ambassadors to save them time in their research efforts of vendors to address specific needs at their organization.

Many times, our network will have needs or priorities, for which Kazzcade does NOT have a sponsored vendor campaign to address. As a result, these members have agreed to define their Request for Solution Evaluation, book a time, and have Ocean publish the details to our curated set of enterprise technology sales professionals claim.

This provides our network an avenue to “flag” an enterprise need or priority, for, which vendors can claim and attend, assuming they can address the need. It simplifies and shortens the discovery process for our network of enterprise buyers. While at the same time offering a new Channel of demand, for accepted vendors and their sales professionals

What makes this appointment feed unique?
  • This is pre-arranged engagement within market demand. It is the most valuable form of engagement for a sales professional.

  • Proprietary. Only subscribers have access to claim engagement to this demand.

  • Performance-based pricing. Subscribers are ONLY charged when the prospect attends the scheduled call.

  • First-Party Data. Opportunity Profile with first-party data & calendar invite.
    – Q&As to multiple probing questions.
    – The confirmed role of prospect in Decision Making Process.
    – Firmographics, Technographic, and all contact information.

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