Our Tech Research Team provides actionable insight for IT Leaders. We help you navigate the critical technology trends of 2020 with the best practice research.

Tech Market Trends

Kazzcade reaches out to technology decision-makers at enterprise companies across the USA to gather insight on current challenges and priorities that are affecting their focus and decisions in 2020. Our most recent trends reports outline current market insights on the shift in priorities of I.T. departments as they address new challenges faced in 2020, as well as new innovations in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cyber security and data management.

We hope this timely information is helpful to you as we all navigate through this ever-changing business environment.


Technology Industry Trends -Fall 2020

Kazzcade reaches out to technology decision-makers at enterprise companies across the USA to gather insight on...

Industry Update - Cloud Migration Trends

Our Cloud Migration report highlights the greatest concerns about migrating to the Cloud and which Cloud provider has the feature set...

Technology Industry Trends -Summer 2020

Our May Industry Trends report outlines the current market insights on the shift in IT focus due to the latest health and safety guidelines...

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2021 Market Study: Cloud Computing

Latest eBook

The landscape for how companies are purchasing solutions and the type of solutions they are purchasing is changing rapidly. The change has been accelerated by the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

In this eBook, you will learn 3 main trends that are impacting the “how and what” of enterprise sales.

  • ​Management adopting a new operational mindset.
  • Public cloud infrastructure accelerating the adoption and birth of new automation, analytics, security, AI, and collaboration tools.
  • Technology companies employing Go-To-Market strategies.


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