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thumb_01_60_60Peter Q.

Data Analytics Manager,


“Kazzcade is a must-have resource. They connect us with reputable vendors, thus allowing us to stay informed of what new products are out there, and what others are using. Thanks to Kazzcade, we are always ahead of the game as far as selecting the best vendors that will save us time and money!”

thumb_01_60_60David J.

Chief Technology Officer,

Jackson Lewis P.C.

“I’ve been working with Kazzcade for over 3 years and they have been a trusted partner to identify opportunities for my department to learn about, evaluate and implement innovative technologies. The service Kazzcade provides me as an IT leader saves me time and the hassle of a cold call any day of the week.”

thumb_01_60_60Curt K.

Proliance Surgeons, Inc.

“The vendor partners introduced through Kazzcade are high quality, and innovative in nature, I have appreciated my Kazzcade representative’s effort in understanding my needs as well as his efficient coordination efforts.”

thumb_01_60_60Abbas R.

I.T. Director, 

Asia Society

“Kazzcade offers a very valuable service: you lay out all your upcoming projects, initiatives, and challenges within your IT environment, and they will screen and connect you with the right set of vendors. This saves you a tremendous amount of time researching the vendor marketplace.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kazzcade?

Kazzcade is a community of technology professionals, who receive rewards for researching or purchasing from any of the vendors on our platform, as it relates to a project, initiative, or problem they are looking to address.

In addition, community members are provided with a dedicated Technology Ambassador who searches on your behalf for vendors or solutions, which might be worth researching further to address your technical issue, challenge, or project. Thereby saving you time.

Why would I become a member?

To save time and earn rewards. Our most active members lean on their ambassador with any problem or project, to circle back with a vendor or solution that might warrant further evaluation. The rewards are our way of illustrating how appreciative we are of your time and attention.

How are rewards distributed?

Currently, a link to a gift card is sent via SMS and email, in the value of the dollar amount earned.

What are Kazzcade Rewards?

Kazzcade Rewards are digital gift cards, provided as a “thank you” to technology professionals for using Kazzcade to find and learn about new technology solutions and/or participate in Industry Trends Studies. Each action receives a certain dollar value of the reward. Learn more at our Rewards page here.

How does Kazzcade make money?

Kazzcade is compensated by the vendors on our platform when a successful introduction is made to one of our community members.

What if I forgot who my Tech Ambassador is?

No problem. Simply engage the chat bot on the home page and schedule a time w an available Ambassador. We will ensure the proper Ambassador attends your call.

Does Kazzcade pass along my information to vendors?

ABSOLUTELY NO! Only when you have identified and agreed to a phone call with a vendor, is your information passed along as part of the appointment setting process.

What vendors are on your platform?

You can find our most popular vendors here. However, due to the pace of new vendors joining, a Tech Ambassador will be best equipped to provide the most updated product list based on your areas of interest. Connect with an Ambassador.

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